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a veg*n icon community

Veg*n LJ Icons
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
Veg*Icons is a community to post and share LJ icons with themes related to vegan, vegetarian, and animal rights issues. Posts containing anything pertaining to veg*n-themed icons are welcome, including posting icons, icon requests, offers to take icon requests, icon-related questions and discussions, etc.

* If you are posting more than like 5 or 6 icons, use an Lj-cut.

* When you post icons, make your terms of use clear (comment/credit/etc) No terms posted means they're free for anyone to use or modify without credit.

* If you are taking icons for use, follow the rules of comment/credit as stated by the icon's creator.

* Debate is only welcome if it pertains to icon content, trollish attacks on veg* lifestyles will not be tolerated.

Off-topic posts are usually not tolerated; For other veg* communities that may be more appropriate, try here ^.^

Welcome and enjoy!